Frequently Asked Questions :  
  Artwork :  
Q. What type of artwork do I need to make a quality embosser ?
A. In order for us to make a quality embosser we first must have black and white line art. The best file is a 300-600 dpi, black and white, .tiff, .bmp, eps, .jpeg, pdf or .eps for p.c. If you do not have good black and white line art, send us what you have ! We have a graphic artist staff to make the best artwork for use with embossers.
Q. What thickness of paper stock will my embosser be able to emboss ?
A. The standard hand held and standard desk models are designed for 20 - 30 lb. papers. The heavy duty or cast iron models can designed for standard papers or light card stock. It is very important that you tell us what thickness of stock you will be embossing so we can cut the dies for the specific application. If we cut a custom die for thick stock, it will tear lighter stocks. If cut for lighter stocks, it will not be deep enough for heavier stocks. What is on the image will be a big factor on how the embosser will work. It is best to talk to one of our representatives about the image if there are questions.
  Turn around time  
Q. What is your production time on custom embossers ?
A. We pride ourselves in having the fastest turn around times in our industry. Our usual production time is the next business day from the time we receive the order. Rush service and expedited shipping is available.
  Die Replacements  
Q. If I want to change the wording on my embosser, what is the easiest way to do it ?
A. The hand held, standard desk, cast desk press, long reach desk press, extended long reach desk press and the standard small perfect seal can have a new die made and sent out to you. Just place the order online under “Die Replacements”. This can be easily replaced by you without tools. A set of directions can be sent out with the order or you can call us and we can talk you through the process.
Q. How long does it take to receive my embosser ?
A. We offer free shipping of our choice on all orders over $49.98 in the U.S. Our experience is most packages arrive at their destination from one to five days. Expedited Next Day and Second Day guaranteed shipping is also available at an extra charge.
  Custom Orders  
Q. What is a custom order ?
A. A custom order is exactly that, custom designed to your specifications. Put the text or shapes where you want, how you want. Not all embossers require exact specifics such as borders or exact shapes. Let us know how you want your order to look and we can create that effect. Borders can be removed from non-custom orders at no additional charge.
  Gold Foil Seals / Stickers  
Q. What type of gold foil seal should I use ?
A. The SealKing brand gold foil embossing labels are the only labels to use for perfect impressions every time. Just emboss, moisten and apply to certificates or important papers. The benefit of the SealKing gold foil seal is there is not a thick wax paper back to emboss through. Most office supply type shops offer the peel and stick but it is our experience that this type of gold foil is too thick for most embossers and does not leave good details and will eventually break down the embosser. Available in boxes of 40, gold only. 2 3/16" diameter.
  Special Shapes/Sizes  
Q. What shapes or sizes can I make my impression ?
A. We can make any shape or size of die that will fit within a 2-1/4” or 2” diameter and/or 1” x 2” rectangular die.
Q. What is the warranty on the embossers ?
A. Our heavy duty electric embossers carry a two year 200 thousand impression warranty.
  On our SealKing standard hand held and desk models we guarantee that our embossers will leave our shop in working order for standard 25 -30 lb. paper and arrive to our customers in perfect working order. Because we cannot supervise the use of the embosser or cannot determine where it will be stored or used (extreme hot or cold conditions) we do not extend a further warranty. We have made hundreds of thousands of embossers without incident. If you do have a problem with your embosser we will do all that we can to resolve the issue.
  Impression Sizes Available  
Q. How big of an impression can the embossers make ?
A. The largest impression that is available is 2 ¼” in diameter on the MillCast cast iron press. The largest available on all other models is up to 2” in diameter or 1” x 2” on the return address embossers.
  What cannot be embossed with our embossers ?  
A. SealKing manual and electric embossers are not designed to emboss materials such as leather, tin or mylar. The embossers are designed for paper stocks only.
  What are your dies made of ?  
Q. What are your dies made of ?
A. Our dies upper and lower are made of an extremely hard heat resistant resin called DuralonTM that hold fine lines and minimizes tearing of paper. We are able to make extreme detail with our lasers and the dies last as long as the machines. We also offer a new material that is called DuraDies TM . DuraDies TM are 80% metal and three times harder than Duralon TM . The DuraDies TM are offered at a higher price. Please call for a quote.